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Birthday Cakes to Karachi

Product ID: HNKC1105
Rich Chocolate Cake consists of a dense chocolate sponge layered with caramel and chocolate cream. Weight: 2lbs Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,051.00
Product ID: DELZ1124
2.5Lbs Chocolate Mousse Cake from Delizia is the seamless light dessert recipe. Chocolate cake incrusted with mousse filling and chocolate ganache. A perfect gift for chocolate lovers, so order now for delivery to Karachi for any upcoming event of you loved ones...
Ex Tax:Rs.3,299.99
Product ID: DELZ1123
No matter cake is for any special occasion or to serve in breakfast or night party or with evening tea, decadence means extravagance, luxury, and self-indulgence. Order online now for sending this luxury cake in Karachi from most famous and loved bakery Delizia...
Ex Tax:Rs.3,334.99
Product ID: HNKC1115
Malt with a difference! Our Malteaser Cake consists of a rich fudge chocolate sponge sandwiched and topped with hazelnut flavored chocolate cream and enough Malteasers to satisfy all your malted cravings...
Ex Tax:Rs.3,374.99
Product ID: HNKC1110
A cup of Joe in a cake! Our Coffee Crunch Cake consists of a vanilla sponge heavily imbibed with coffee syrup and filled with coffee flavored whipped cream and caramel crunch. It is topped with more coffee flavored cream, decorative chocolate squares and coffee beans for the final flourish. Weight: ..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,380.00
Product ID: HNKC1102
The Pina Colada Three Milk Cake has a three milk cake sponge, a pineapple and milk soaking syrup and is topped with cream, pineapples and toasted coconut. Weight: 2lbs Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,490.00
Product ID: HNKC1103
The Toffee Three Milk Cake is made with a soft and very light sponge which is soaked with three different types of milk. The decoration is a thin layer of whipped cream, a piping of toffee sauce and a sprinkling of butterscotch toffee bits. An excellent and delicious cake to be served with tea or as..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,490.00
Product ID: HNKC1117
The brownie is now a cake! Brownie Cake has a rich brownie sponge filled with ganache stuffing. The cake is topped with a liquid ganache and decorated with ganache swirls and chocolate triangles. Weight: 2lbs Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,499.99
Product ID: MOPK1152
Chocolate sponge layered with fudge and whipped chocolate cream, covered and topped with chocolate. Beautifully designed by one of the best hotels in Karachi is perfect to send someone in Karachi. Order now for delivery to your door step. Weight:2lbsCoverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,499.99
Product ID: DELZ1121
Belgian Chocolate Cake from Delizia - Made From The Purest Belgian Chocolate Found In The Heart Of Belgian Valleys! ..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,500.00
Product ID: HNKC1119
A bestseller you do not want to miss! Our classic Double Fudge Cake consists of a rich chocolate sponge, a layer of decadent fudge sauce and a super rich fudge topping. If you are looking for a smooth and intense chocolate cake to wow your senses, look no further. Weight: 2lbs Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,550.00
Product ID: DELZ1125
2.5Lbs Honey Cake from Delizia is so soft and fantastic. The honey baked into the cake layers pairs perfectly with the simple sour cream frosting. It will wow your loved ones in Karachi.Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,575.00
Product ID: DELZ1122
This extra moist and delicious cake is made of three types of milk and is covered with chocolate. This fluffy cake is fantasy for cake lovers. Order this cake and get delivered to your loved one in Karachi. Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,575.00
Product ID: HNKC1113
Coconut chocolate goodness! The Bounty Cake takes its name from the chocolate bar of the same name. The rich chocolate brownie sponge is sandwiched together with our special coconut filling. The cake is topped with chocolate ganache and coconut spheres. Weight: 2lbs Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,600.00
Product ID: HNKC1109
All good things start with Nutella! This beautiful Nutella Cake starts with a rich brownie sponge; it is layered with Nutella Cream and almonds and it is topped with chocolate ganache and Nutella cream. Weight: 2lbs Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,000.00
Product ID: HNKC1120
2.5Lbs Raffaello Cake from Delizia..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,243.00
Product ID: MOPK1151
Cappuccino toffee cake is perfect dessert for coffee lovers. It's a sweet treat loaded with layers of chocolate cake saturated in caramel sauce and topped with milk chocolate frosting and chopped candy bars. Order now for sending this cake treat to your loved ones in Karachi. Weight:2lbsCoverage: Ka..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,359.99
Product ID: MOPK1150
Black Forest cake is most liked cake, Move n Pick make it unique by designing it in special way. Send someone whom you feel special in your life. Weight:2lbsCoverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,374.99
Product ID: HNKC1116
The hazelnut experience! Our Ferrero Rocher Cake has a base of rich chocolate sponge, sandwiched with a Ferrero cream filling and a topping of chocolate ganache and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Weight: 2lbs Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,500.00
Product ID: CMBO7701
This gift combination comes with a cake from most famous bakery, Hobnob and a flowers bouquet of glads and roses. Save your money by sending this combo gift instead of sending separately. Contains: 2lbs Cake from Hobnob, Flowers Bouquet as below (24 Red Roses and 12 Gladiolas) Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,574.99
Product ID: MOPK1153
A perfectly health and fluffy fruit infused cake layered with fresh and tin tropical fruits and same way designed. This cake is will wow everyone with its impressive look and taste, so order now for delivery to your loved ones in Karachi. Weight: 2lbs Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,624.99
Product ID: MOPK1155
This mocha cake is moist, fluffy and baked with chocolate and coffee flavor. Rich chocolate sponge and a smooth Mocha Swiss buttercream. This cake will wow everyone in the party, order now for sending this treat to your loved ones. Weight: 2lbs Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,749.99
Product ID: MOPK1154
Sacher cake is both light and rich at the same time, with an airy cake, chocolate filling and a decadent bittersweet glaze. Weight: 2lbs Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,749.99
Product ID: CMBO7702
An outstanding combo gift deal of 2lbs cake and 12 gladiolus flowers bunch. There is option in your hand to decide the flavour of cake from the options of balckforest, chocolate and pineapple. Flowers are amazing for gifting on any celebration for the beauty laid in colors and scent by the nature an..
Ex Tax:Rs.5,300.00
Product ID: ARMN1144
Chocolate Coffee Mocha Java Cake is the combination of chocolate and coffee, really delicious recipe everybody's favorite. Fragrant coffee and rich, bittersweet chocolate come together to make this cake more special for you. Order now for delivery of this cake to your loved one in Karachi. 2Lbs Choc..
Ex Tax:Rs.5,500.00
Product ID: PCES1138
2lbs Pineapple Cake PC Hotel is almost 1kg juicy pineapple flavored cake in which sponge is filled with pineapple pieces, whipped, covered with cream cake and decorated with pineapple pieces. Send this cake to your loved ones in Karachi for any special occasion. Weight: 2lbsCoverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.5,500.00
Product ID: ARMN1143
Lemon Peach Cake of Armeen is blend of lemon and peach flavor. Fresh, fruity and juicy cake is made with peaches and topped with fluffy cream and decorated with peach slices. Order now for delivering this cake to Karachi. 2Lbs Lemon Peach Cake Armeen Coverage: Karachi.24 hours required for delivery..
Ex Tax:Rs.5,600.00
Product ID: ARMN1145
This delicious Strawberry Mousse Cake is ideal for any occasion. Stunning strawberry mousse cake with strawberry sponge, the fluffy sponge layers are brushed with a strawberry liqueur syrup fluffy mousse filling and topped with strawberry jam. Order now for sending this cake for your loved one in Ka..
Ex Tax:Rs.5,850.00
Product ID: PCES1130
2Lbs Chocolate Fudge Cake PC Hotel..
Ex Tax:Rs.6,000.00
Product ID: PCES1133
It is a soft and moist coffee flavored cake baked by PC Hotel is one of the best most selling cake loved by everyone. Order this for delivery on any special occasion. Weight:2lbs Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.6,000.00
Product ID: CMBO7710
Delightful Gift Deal 4 is designed for those who love the sohan halwa. The sohan halwa is one of special sweets in Pakistan. A traditional sweet candy really liked by every one due to its taste, texture and flavour. For making it a perfect party deal, it further 2lbs cake and a bouquet of mix colour..
Ex Tax:Rs.6,900.00
Product ID: PCES1140
2Lbs Red Valvet Cake PC Hotel is queen layer cake and mixture of buttermilk, vinegar, cocoa powder and cream cheese frosting which make it a perfect dessert to be presented to anyone. Weight: 2lbsCoverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.7,000.00
Product ID: PCES1141
After baking and chilling overnight, the cheesecake is topped off with a delicious white chocolate whipped topping and then covered in cocoa powder. Order now for sending this delicious cake to Karachi with free delivery and message card. Weight: 2lbsCoverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.7,300.00
Product ID: CMBO7713
An exclusive combo gift deal designed to wish birthday, friendship day and other special day. Contains: 2lbs Cake of your chosen flavour from best bakery of the city, 24 Mix Roses Bouquet, Assorted Nimco from Rehmat-e-Shireen (4 assorted packs), Mix Seasonal Fruit Basket (3kg) Coverage: Karachi Only..
Ex Tax:Rs.7,668.00
Product ID: ARMN1146
Not only the cake is delicious but the design is also eye catching and anybody can feel that something special is sent for him/her. Cake is designed with beautiful flowers and decorated with pearls. Order now for sending this special cake with free delivery and message card. 3Lbs Pearl Lilly Cake Ar..
Ex Tax:Rs.8,500.00
Product ID: ARMN1147
Pineapple Rose Birthday Cake is specially designed for birthday. Order now for sending this cake for birthday of any person in Karachi 3Lbs Pineapple Rose Birthday Cake Armeen. 24 hours required for delivery. Not available for same day and Sunday delivery. Coverage: Karachi...
Ex Tax:Rs.8,500.00
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