Each wedding ceremony has its own custom or traditions to be celebrated. People celebrate their wedding anniversary with modern gifts. Some also use traditional flowers, colors, and gems. There is the question that where these customs come from? We find the answer to this question when we explore the history of the middle ages. The middle-aged people thought that presenting these gifts and traditional flowers are the symbol of good fortune and the long-lasting bond between the couples for the upcoming years.

Concept of Wishing Anniversary

With the passage of time, the concept of wishing for an anniversary also changes. Modern world people have categorized the anniversary gifts years when they got married. Followings are some of the year-wise wishing the anniversary ceremony gifts:

  • 1st anniversary ………… paper 
  • 2nd anniversary………….Fiber
  • 3rd anniversary…………..Leather 
  • 4th anniversary…………..Flowers or Fruits
  • 5th anniversary…………..wood
  • 6th anniversary…………..candy

1st-anniversary gift (paper): 

It is customary to present the gift of paper to the partner at the first ceremony of the wedding. As there are many fibers in the paper that are intermingled with each other in a crosswise manner, the couples present this amazing gift as a symbol of strength and dissolution. The blank paper is also used to craft the beautiful sketches that they present to each other to share the love.

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2nd-anniversary gift (fiber/cotton):

The second anniversary is the maturing phase of the marriage life. It’s is symbolized with cotton or fiber-made products. As the thin fibers or cotton are interwoven with each other so is the relationship of a newly married couple. But the fragility of fibers shows that the relationship is still in the maturing phase and is as weak or fragile as the fibers. 

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3rd-anniversary gift (Leather):

The 3rd anniversary is the big time that you spent with each other and have known each other well. It is symbolized with the leather. As the products of leather are considered strong and durable just like your relationship that has been strong enough. So presenting her purse, handbag, leather shoes and all the stuff that is made up of leather is best to present. Send online anniversary gifts to your wife in Karachi Pakistan with gifts and make feel her happy and joyful.

4th-anniversary gift (Flowers or Fruits):

At the end of the 4th anniversary, you and your partner have understood each other the best. Presenting the flowers are the old customary and it’s the symbol of filling the multiple colors in life. So it’s the best option to present her with the surprising bouquet of flowers having multiple colors. Also presenting the fruits is the symbol of freshness in life. It’s also a prayer that your life is so fresh just like these fresh fruits.

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5th-anniversary gift (wood):

Presenting wood or wood-made products is also customary in European countries. As the wood is strong and has deep roots so it’s used in strong and deep relationships. Most presented wood-made products are spoons, hand-made crafts of couples and also the statue of some great lover of the history. Sending these gifts online to Karachi is now becoming common. Get explore these amazing gifts for your partner and send them to Karachi and wish her a happy anniversary. 

6th-anniversary gift (Candy):

The 6th anniversary is the time when you have spent a lot of time together. Now it’s time to recall the days of dating when you were young and sit together and enjoy the chocolates or candies. So presenting the gifts of chocolates or candies is actually a reminder of those days. Also presenting the iron-made products like bracelets that you were used to presenting her in the teen ages is also a great recall of those amazing days.

Now it is becoming easy to send anniversary gift in Karachi with the emerge of e-commerce. Send chocolate gifts online to your wife in Karachi Pakistan with giftskarachi.com. There are many customs and traditions in the world. Everyone has their own ways to celebrate the anniversary ceremony. Besides those, I have discussed the most followed trend to celebrate the anniversary in the world. So what are your traditions are to celebrate this auspicious and lovely occasion, let me know in the comments below or reach us directly at our email or whatsapp number listed in the footer.