Hobbies Birthday Gift Ideas

  • Camera Gift: 

The waterproof and install-able camera, this gift is suitable for the man who loves adventures such as hiking, skiing, or biking, it helps him document the most beautiful moments of his adventures.

  • Wool Jacket Pack:

An outstanding gift for mountain hiking and traveling lovers man is pack of wool jacket and hiking gloves.

  • Gaming Joystick:

The gaming joystick, which is a convenient gift for the hobbyist man in electronic games.

  • A CD Gift Pack:

CD that contains a modern lyrical music collection, which can be presented to a music lover.

  • Customizable Card:

Customizable card is not only unique but low budget also, you send this card to make your birthday boy happy and feel blessed.

  • Travel Backpack:

The travel backpack is a perfect gift for the man who loves adventures in the extreme nature, and can contain a special place for a laptop, preferably waterproof.

  • Sports Car:

Rent a sports car for a common adventure on the track.

  • Adventure Trip:

Book an adventure trip like rock climbing, or skydiving.

  • Fishing Trip Tickets:

Book a one or two day fishing trip with a group of friends, especially if the living site is close to the water.

  • Gym Pass:

Participating in a gym is preferred by men.

  • Practical Tent:

A practical tent that can be used when camping in an area such as a forest.

  • Guitar Gift:

Guitar for the music lover, with words of love engraved on him or both names can be printed on it.

  • Books:

A collection of Islamic books, novel books, poetry books or history books that men prefer to read.

  • Body Care Resort:

Book an appointment at a skin and body care resort for a rest and relaxation.

  • Customized Coffee Mug:

It is best gift for a man who loves coffee and he will have a coffee jar with your personal picture or text message printed on it.

  • Sports Weights:

A set of different sports weights and this gift is suitable for the man who exercises weight lifting.

  • Unique Pen Gift:

The multitasking pen that contains an integrated set of essential office tools, such as a screwdriver, a stylus for smart devices, a water balance, and a ruler.

  • Screen Cleaner:

Screen cleaner that is used many times to clean and remove bacteria from tablets and smart devices better than sprays or tissue paper.

  • Assistant Gadget Set:

The personal assistant, a convenient gift for a businessman’s birthday who needs to organize his business, helps him make calls, set an alarm, play music, control smart home devices remotely, answer some questions and many more.

  • A Stunning Bed Sheet:

A bed sheet of good quality that absorbs moisture, and is a good gift for a man who loves to sleep or is unable to change the filling of his bed.

  • Portable Grill Gift:

The portable grill can be carried to many places when hiking, camping or other recreational activities.

  • Dinner Invitation:

Inviting the man to have a favorite dinner with the birthday cake, or to communicate with a friend he had not visited in a long time and to arrange an intimate meeting between them.

  • Portable Charger Gift:

A portable charger that can charge phones or tablets anywhere, even while traveling several times.

  • Computer Accessories:

Good quality computer accessories, such as a mouse or keyboard, and this gift fits a man who spends several hours on the computer.

  • Birthday Party Arrangement

Invite all family and friends together to celebrate the man's birthday.

  • Name Logo Key Chain

A key chain for a car owned by a man who can carry his logo.

  • Personalized Mug:

A cup engraved on the outside with multiple words. Isn’t that amazing when this mug can be customized with pictures or your own text?

  • Decorations Gift

Clean and decorate the man's desk, filling it with balloons and various messages.

  • Personal Text Cushion:

A beautiful soft cushion with outstanding pattern and your custom text can be a really unique gift and sure to impress your recipient.

These gifts ideas are some of the essential for people who are fond of hobbies. Otherwise, you can find a lot of more gifting ideas for online gifts Karachi delivery service.