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Delizia Bakery Cakes

Brand: Delizia Product ID: DELZ1124
2.5Lbs Chocolate Mousse Cake from Delizia  is the seamless light dessert recipe. Chocolate cake incrusted with mousse filling and chocolate ganache. A perfect gift for chocolate lovers, so order now for delivery to Karachi for any upcoming event of you loved ones.Weight:2.5lbsCoverage: Karachi ..
Brand: Delizia Product ID: DELZ1123
No matter cake is for any special occasion or to serve in breakfast or night party or with evening tea, decadence means extravagance, luxury, and self-indulgence. Order online now for sending this luxury cake in Karachi from most famous and loved bakery Delizia.Weight:2.5lbsCoverage: Karachi Only..
Brand: Delizia Product ID: DELZ1125
2.5Lbs Honey Cake from Delizia is so soft and fantastic. The honey baked into the cake layers pairs perfectly with the simple sour cream frosting. It will wow your loved ones in Karachi.Weight:2.5lbsCoverage: Karachi Only..
Brand: Delizia Product ID: DELZ1122
This extra moist and delicious cake is made of three types of milk and is covered with chocolate. This fluffy cake is fantasy for cake lovers. Order this cake and get delivered to your loved one in Karachi.Weight:2.5lbsCoverage: Karachi Only..
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