Delivery Information |

Delivery Information

There is secure online shopping process that guides step by step to the successful order placement. Once the order is successfully placed at our website, it will be delivered on the recipient address via our local departments in concerned cities.

Delivery Time

We follow the Pakistan Standard Time format for deliveries to make sure the convenience of gift recipients. Hence our standard delivery timings are 8:00am to 20:00pm PST. 

Gifts Delivery on Special Occasions and Special Days

These standard delivery hours may be extended on the special events; like Eid day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc. to make sure all the gift orders are delivered on that particular event.

Delivery Charges

We provide free delivery in all the major city areas of Karachi. There are some below exceptional cases where charges are required:

  • There can be a little extra fee if the recipient location is far away from the main city and in such cases the minimal charges will be according to the distance from main city area.
  • There is small fee for specific time deliveries, this fee can be confirmed from our customer support.
  • There is also extra charge for midnight deliveries, that can be confirmed from our customer service.

Delivery Locations

We are delivering gifts at each and every type of address; like home address, office address, bank address, hostel address and hospitals. The receiver address should be complete from all the aspects and the contact number also needed. In some cases; like gift deliveries at bank, university or college hostel and hospital locations, it is not possible for us to deliver any gift without the recipient contact number.

Gifts Delivery Rejected by the Recipient

If, for whatever reason, the recipient refuses to accept the delivery, the order will be considered delivered for all the perishable items and there will not be any refund claim.